One Minute Glimpses Of True City Life

If you’re curious what happens when a regular family in Addis Abeba wakes up, or how people are night clubbing in Hong Kong between four and five in the night, then you might like the City One Minutes website. It features movies from all around the world, selected by city and by time, which means 24 movies of each city which all represent one hour of a regular day. Artists and others are (still) being asked to portrait their city’s real life for the purpose to show a glimpse of real metropolitan life. I was quite impressed by the quality of some of the movies and got almost addicted watching them during the last days. The snapshot above represents a humorous fragment of a press conference in Baghdad. Below is represented how family parties are boring in the rest of the world as well.

City One Minutes is an initiative of a couple of Dutch television channels, amongst public broadcasting organisation VPRO, in collaboration with the 4th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam and the One Minutes Foundation. Context is a multimedia event about the future of the contemporary city.