On Kiosks, Part 4: Moscow

I like to add my part to the kiosk series that Jeroen came up with lately.

The two tiny little kiosks on the picture are made within and with the fences of a construction site. Behind these rather familiar looking construction fences, renovation of a Russian orthodox church has already started. The two temporary kiosks are obviously made with permission of the building guys, using the available materials. One sells all sorts of relics — a good choice concerning the nearby church. The other embedded kiosk is one of the numerous food selling spots on Moscow’s lively streets.

Fence Kiosk, Moscow

Interesting to me is the great changes for upward mobility on the individual level that’s being offered through these ‘kiosking’ possibilities. Within the context of a rich expensive and fashionable city, the poorest do get changes through a liberal approach of street selling. Western European cities can learn from this liberal approach, and who could believe that 20 years ago? Fair enough, with all the construction sites in our modern cities, there seems to be enough opportunity for a temporary ‘kiosking strategy‘.