On Kiosks, Part 2: The Shoebox Shop

Two days ago I wrote about the importance of the kiosk to the urban realm, especially the quality of public space. It seems that the world of urban designers and other creatives have discovered its potential. Today I’ll show you a nice example of a contemporary kiosk.

During my holiday in Finland, the people of Now Office pointed me to the cosy mini shop of Helsinki-based design agency Company. Their kiosk, which is called Salakauppa, is located next to the Museum of Modern Art. Salakauppa stands for ‘secret shop’. This is the place where designers Aamu Song and Johan Olin sell their products, ranging from fashion to furniture and books, and with that contribute to the manifestation of Scandinavian design on the streets of the Finnish capital. Products are made in small series. The few square meters and the temporary character make this shoebox shop irresistible.