Next Stop: Station Soccer

Millions of kids dream of becoming the next Ronaldo or Messi, but many of them don’t have equally access to practicing soccer (or any other sport) to do so.

Many children around the world would do anything to achieve a career as a professional soccer player, but their (socioeconomic) background holds them back from even trying. To ‘tackle’ this, Atlanta-based nonprofit Soccer in the Streets and MLS team Atlanta United Football Club have realized a special soccer program for Atlanta’s youth: Station Soccer.


Station Soccer is a fully sponsored soccer field at Atlanta’s largest public metro station, Five Points. It offers a free program for children that provides them with mentorship and after-school activities directed towards soccer practice, to keep them away from negative influences and supporting them in realizing their dream of becoming a professional soccer player.


Because of it’s central location at Five Points metro station, Station Soccer is easily accessible for kids from all parts of Atlanta. Everyone single kid, no matter its socioeconomic background, is being offered an equal chance to chase the dream of becoming the world’s next soccer star. Next stop: FC Barcelona?