New York City Nostalgia In A Bottle

Last week we found something very peculiar in our mailbox: a glass jar filled with, well, to be honest, trash.

Two students from Parsons, the New School of Design in New York, clarified the matter for us. Their recent product MissingNYC fits an authentic part of New York City — a favorite neighborhood, park or landmark, whatever it may be — into a small jar that can be carried around as a cure for homesickness, sent to loved ones as a souvenir or made a gift for bloggers across the Atlantic.

The MissingNYC jar we received

The MissingNYC jar we received

Each bottle is individually filled by crafted hands in the heart of the Big Apple. Ours in particular was “picked up on July 22, 2013 between Bowery & Pitt STS” and it contains as listed on a neat piece of paper accompanying the little box: “Wheatpaste, Mercury Lounge, Korbel Cellars Champagne, Bowery Ballroom, La Plaza Cultural, Street Art, Warm July Air, Tragically Witty Banter, Beer Regret, Hipsterism, The Deli Magazine, F Train, The Letter J, Marlboro Reds” — to name only a few.


Some may say it is trash, others may think of it as a token or a time capsule, either way, with this product MissingNYC fulfills their mission of never letting go of their city. Romantics and nostalgics can now decide on the area of NYC they would like to have, MissingNYC will fix it for them.