Never Get Lost In A City Again With These Vibrating Bike Handlebars

Whether you’re new to a city like Amsterdam, with its spider-web complexity, or simply failed to learn your left from right, cycling a bicycle around a fast-paced, unfamiliar place can be pretty off-putting.

However, a new bicycle grip has made navigation on the go become super easy; instead of sticking your nose into a map, paper or digital, you can enjoy zooming around without fear of getting hopelessly lost.

In order to achieve this carefree state of mind, swap your old handlebar grips with the smrtGRiPS and insert a small mental flashlight device, the smrtGRiPS device. Okay, then what? Then you synchronise the device with a mapping app and vibrations will pass through the handlebars indicated whether you are to turn left or right. Genius! The orientation-gadget is made by Montreal’s Boréal Bikes and currently costs $59.