Neukölln, Part 2: Ohrenhoch Soundscape Gallery

Recently I posted about the Berlin district of Neukölln. To demonstrate what’s going on there, I dedicate this post to reporting about one of the great initiatives taking place in small spaces. Ohrenhoch is a soundscape gallery combined with a bar. The exhibition space is opened on Sundays only between 2 PM and 9 PM and is dedicated to sound art. The idea is to give sound the full attention that it deserves and to trigger the listener instead of the viewer, as usually is done in galleries. The whole space is designed to make you experience the art work.

The permanent installation is made by the artistic leader of the exhibition hall Knut Remond and is an artwork itself. The different speakers are set up in different places in the room which leaves a great clear sound performance by tweeters, mid-tones and woofers. When I entered Ohrenhoch, the work ‘Fourmis – Ameisen – Ants’ by sound artist Pierre Thoma was being played. The whole space was filled with the sound of a colony of ants. This Sunday ‘And Death…’ by Jason Bolte will be presented.

Have a look when you are close.