Nano Habitat: A House That Adapts To Your Lifestyle

Vienna-based architecture collective Stadtpark came up with this simple, cheap and ecological cabin that moves, grows and shrinks with you depending on your lifestyle. Easy to install in dense cities, Nano Habitat makes life flexible and more adaptable to change.It’s great to see different designers and architects coming up with solutions for upcoming nomadic, minimal and flexible lifestyles that attract increasing numbers of people.

“Minimal, flexible living is becoming a topic of great attraction in our society. The new generation is trying harder and harder to get away from the 90s frenzy of consumerism in society, which is getting faster.”

Stadtpark is an office specialized in architecture and furniture with wood as main ingredient. Nano Habitat is extendable in various ways and easy to move. The cabin contains everything a modern micro dweller needs. The mini house will work best in indoor situations and offers a great solution to old buildings that have lost their original function. Why not change the overload of empty office space into flexible nano communities?

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