N55’s Walking House

Copenhagen-based design platform N55 recently created a sustainable house which can walk. Awesome!

The designers state their modular dwelling system enables people to “live a peaceful nomadic live, moving slowly through the landscape or cityscape with minimal impact on the environment.” The walking houses can move their six legs by collecting energy “from its surroundings using solar cells and small windmills.” Each unit is designed for a maximum of four persons to live in, but can easily be scaled up. I’m impressed. Watch the cutie walk!

Think about fluid urban neighbourhoods totally consisting of walking houses, moving from one place to another. Doesn’t this slightly remind you of Archigram’s Walking City? A growing number of cosmopolitan people lives a nomadic life. We already know the so-called working nomads: flexible people who can work everywhere due to technologic innovation. But what about people who are also able to easily move their homes?