Mujjo: Dutch Craftsmanship For The Mobile Generation

The modern office is in the cloud. New-style creative agencies are often organized around networks of freelancers that offer a collective package deal to big clients. Sometimes they work in a cooperative context, and sometimes they are a global network of creative cells, such as the architects of OSA. The rise of platforms like DeskMag and DeskWanted show that the new design office is flexible, independent of place and fluidly organized. The Dutch company Mujjo offers great equipment to get the mobile generation going.

Mujjo smartphone gloves

Mujjo became famous when it launched the first ever Winter gloves that work on touch screens of smartphones. These hand-stitched gloves turned out to be a great success around the globe. In the Spring of 2012, the company began making sleeves for Apple devices, featuring a beautiful combination of wool felt and high quality leather. Designed by a group of fashion designers and crafted by hand, the Originals collection has specifically been made to fit the devices that get the mobile generation going — iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Mujjo Originals sleeve collection

The company understands that the (professional) lives of new generations of creatives largely depend on their mobile devices, and that damage to an iPhone or MacBook can have serious consequences. Mujjo’s snug tailored sleeves combine minimalism with long lasting elegant accents, to safely store your Apple devices in a fashionable way. Dutch craftsmanship for the mobile generation! Be sure to head over to Mujjo’s website to check out the entire collection.