Modular Shelters With Accordeon Walls

In order to create privacy when a lot of people are together in a big room, the designers of Molo have come up with an innovative system to create modular spaces.

Flexible walls made out of kraft paper enable people to create their own private rooms with sound-absorbing effects. The kraft paper walls are expandable, movable and can be placed randomly in any indoor place, thanks to their accordion like structure. Dezeen describes how it all works:

“The walls are joined together by detachable magnetic panels and therefore require only a few people to assemble with minimal instructions and no tools. Each flat-packed unit can arrive at the shelter ready for immediate set-up. Rooms can stand alone or be clustered together in order to create corridors, conjoined rooms, and common rooms. The flexible nature of the walls allows for placement even in irregular spaces.”

The idea of this product, which is already available for purchase, is to instantly create shelters with privacy for people who have to leave their house as a consequence of disasters. In addition, this system can also work very well for co-working spaces where people work and share the need for flexible privacy. What about all those empty office floors?

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