Modular Greenhouses: The Next Big Thing In Urban Farming?

California-based company Cityblooms brings urban farming to a completely new level through a series of smart mini-farms that are connected and controlled through the Internet. Now underutilized spaces like rooftops or parking lots can be transformed into highly productive agricultural hubs.

Both the flexibility and the light-weight design give the micro-farms a certain advantage over regular urban farms. As Nick Halmos, CEO of Cityblooms says on Springwise: “The modularity gives us the ability to scale very easily. So we can size a farming installation appropriately to the demands and consumption patterns and profiles of the community that the farm is built to serve.” Furthermore, the wide variety of environmental control options allow for effectively growing fresh produce in different climates.



With the combination of commercial agricultural technology and urban farming, Cityblooms could help to contribute to reduce food waste and the miles that food travels before eaten.

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