Modern Architecture With A Bald Head

Earlier this month Sony Argentina organized the first edition of Silent Day. The ‘day’ wants to add a new perspective on sound and environment. But, above all, Silent Day was initiated to promote Sony’s new series of headphones.

As you can see here, hundreds of people were collected to dance while they listened to music on their headphones. Besides the fact that Silent Day fits into a trend of other worldwide ‘days’ that have taken place over the last years, like Restaurant Day, Park(ing) Day and Cleaning Day, this event drew our attention due to the crazy inflatable headphones that were added to a piece of modern architecture here. And we always like it when people make fun of (modern) architecture.

With its fashionable bald head and futuristic sunglasses, Planetario Galileo Galilei perfectly goes with the purpose here. Built in 1967 by the architect Enrique Jan, the planetarium is an iconic building in the city of Buenos Aires. The headphones, however, change the cold and solid appearance of the builidng into an cartoonish personage. Some would argue that one should not use these highlights of Modernism for lousy advertising. We all know that brands like to use the urban space as a canvas for their messages, so why not do it in a funny way?