Million Kitchen Delivers Home-Cooked Meals At Your Doorstep

When was the last time you felt like eating home cooked food in the middle of your busy work day? New Delhi based Million Kitchen is a mobile and web-based home cooked food discovery and ordering platform that enables home cooked meals to be delivered at your doorstep.

Million Kitchen is an aggregator and delivery service by Delhi-based non profit Swechha that allows women to prepare and sell home cooked food to customers within a 5-7 km radius. The app-based service gives young working people the access to fresh and simple homestyle meals as well as empowers women to earn extra money by using their cooking skills. “Every dormant kitchen is a resource lying underutilized,” says Vimlendu Jha, Founder and CEO of Million Kitchen.

Million KitchenMillion Kitchen

The idea for this technology enterprise began as an extension of a project entitled Lunchbox 17, where Swechha mobilized and trained a community of women in the Jagdamba Camp slum to prepare and pack food tiffins for delivery across the city.

Million Kitchen

A central kitchen checks for safety and hygiene standards of meals prepared by registered users. Each seller handles their own packaging and coordinates with the logistics team for delivery. Presently, the service dispatches over 150 orders each day in addition to handling tech support, ordering, delivery and marketing services for its 120 registered independent sellers.

Million Kitchen

Million Kitchen

With  potential to connect the estimated 3.5 million households in Delhi with the increasing workforce, the technology-based solution comes with the promise of bringing Indian-style home food to busy dinner tables across the country.