Meals On Wheels: Dutch Design Meets Dinner

Mobile food is a wonderful thing. Whether it’s a Japanese-style hot dog stand in Vancouver or Iraqi mahshi from one of Portland’s world-famous food carts, there’s something to be said for having the ability to head outside to pick up a tasty meal on the street corner.

Diemen-based Tuk Tuk Factory recently unveiled their e-Tuk Vendo, a European interpretation of the tuk-tuks seen in Bangkok and Mombasa. The vehicle is electrically powered and can fly down the road at 50 km/hr: talk about fast food! It’s also customisable, with rain covers and a solar panel roof. If this little invention catches on, the food cart culture will be able to feed the masses while ensuring that their environmental footprint stays low.

It reminds us a little bit of the Müvbox, a customisable shipping container (another thing that we love around here, of course) that can be custom-made to order for food vendors, that made its way into public spaces a couple of years ago. But while the Müvbox is mobile, the super-compact e-Tuk gives the vendors the chance to move all around the city throughout the day, catering to the before-, during-, and after-work/bar crowds. Tasty.