Mapping Distance To The Nearest McDonald's

The data graphic above illustrates the distance to the nearest McDonald’s restaurant in the United States. In some regions the distance to the nearest McDonald’s is poignant far. Some unhappy US citizens have to travel more than an hour to grab themselves a Big Mac. Poor them! Indeed… this data visual would have had more policy relevance when it would have mapped distance to primary schools, supermarkets or even gyms. This one, on the other hand, prominently shows how America silts with fast food restaurants at the same speed as cholesterol levels of its inhabitants go sky high. Infosthetics explains more about the making of:

“This project by Weathersealed required a lot of data, retrieved by AggData, a seemingly unique company focusing on providing original sets of quality data of all kinds. The data used for the map consisted of a complete list of about 13,000 geolocated US restaurants.”

The map contains an important warning, made clear by the makers: “Between the tiny Dakotan hamlets of Meadow and Glad Valley lies the McFarthest Spot: 107 miles distant from the nearest McDonald’s, as the crow flies, and 145 miles by car!” So be careful to never get stuck there.