Magic Box: The Kamasutra Of Olympic Architecture

Madrid barely missed the occasion to host the 2016 Olympics. Nevertheless, Dominique Perrault’s Magic Box is a remarkable piece of architecture in Madrid. The Olympic Tennis Center holds three tennis indoor/outdoor courts with covered area for 20,000 spectators (12,000, 5,000 and 3,000 respectively). The 100,000 square meter project also contains various outdoor courts, a swimming pool and other social facilities.

The originality of the Olympic Tennis Center is its roof — each of the three roofs has its own separate ceiling mounted on hydraulic jacks. The three aluminum-clad roofs provide together a combination of 27 different opening positions. The roofs can slide vertically and horizontally, allowing the sun to shine within the totality or partly through the stadiums.

The available space and practical roof system creates a versatility allowing not only sport events but also social gatherings such as concerts, fashion shows and other social gatherings.

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