LEGO Dispatch Work In Berlin

We came across the work of Berlin-based artist Jan Vormann, who combines his passion for both LEGO and dispatch work. Vormann started his own bottom-up reconstruction project fixing walls and buildings in Berlin by putting colourful plastic LEGO bricks between the old stones. The results are interesting pieces of shiny street art.

“Centuries of ‘Savoir-Vivre’ with the ‘laissez-faire’ mentality, visible, for example, in the patchwork construction of the cities´ walls, get intruded by modern shiny material, kids toys, setting a contrast in the thick grey stonewall of the narrow lanes. (…) The colorful and shiny polished plastic, worked into this dust-covered grey patina of diverse construction material, adds the modern touch of colorful design while distracting from and intriguing the serious life securing function of these walls: durability.”

I know, it won’t save the world. But it’s fun. Click here for more pictures!