Landpeel: The Flexible Life Mat

Landpeel is great innovative floor mat system that enables users to adapt the floor to their specific interior needs. The Landpeel is more than a floor mat — it’s a modular system that can be transformed into chairs, tables and workstations by the simple act of lifting the panels. The idea of the Japanese designer Shin Yamashita of the Kyoto Institute of Technology was to create a completely flexible interior concept.

According to Designboom, the flexibility of the lounge floor mat makes it ideal for all kinds of leisure activities such as watching television, studying, lying down, or reading a book. After usage, the furniture can be discretely tucked away. Whoever moves house often, lives in a small apartment or lives in another temporary setting, must like this simple piece of all-in-one furniture as a stylish solution for flexible lifestyles.

Over the last years we’ve written about more design projects that aim to add modern flexibility to interiors, such as Casulo’s Room-in-a-Box, the 90 Degrees Furniture by Kapteinbolt and the Roombots project.

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