Kuala Lumpur's Pop-Up Container Hotel

There seems to be no day without news about shipping containers being used for flexible building. First of all: perhaps container architecure is not really innovative any more. Further, we might conclude that the use of flexible building materials prove to be a serious alternative to the ‘stone age’ that we have lived in for years. Pop-Up City is gaining support! The concept gets more regular in planning practice thanks to the exploration of the shipping container. Flexiblity seems to have the advantage of time during these insecure days.

At the world’s most expensive and crowded places, new solutions for flexible urban use rise more easy. Springwise writes about a pop-up container hotel in the heavily densed city of Kuala Lumpur.

“Located in Kuala Lumpur, 41 Berangan is an 11-room budget hotel that has made the most of its limited urban space. Nine of the hotel’s variously sized rooms are a traditional style situated within the hotel building itself, but two of the rooms—what the hotel calls its courtyard rooms—are constructed from empty, 20-foot shipping containers and form a small courtyard in the empty lot outside. Each features a garden view as a result, as well as an attached bathroom and all the other amenities enjoyed in the rest of the hotel, including air conditioning, internet access, continental breakfast and 24-hour reception. Also in use at the hotel, which just opened in February, are beds of its own design based on recyclable paper pallets.”