Klebstoff #4 — Sticker Magazine

♥, ♥, ♥. Dresden-based Wildsmile Studios, the people behind Klebstoff, sent us the fourth issue of their amazing sticker art magazine. Klebstoff presents sticker designs from selected artists from around the world. There are only 1,000 hand-numbered copies of the magazine available. If you like urban interventions and stickers, you’ll like Klebstoff.

Klebstoff is the first magazine worldwide that completely consists of stickers. Every four to six months a new issue is released. For each issue Klebstoff asks its favorite artists to send in exceptional sticker designs and ideas. The fourth edition features some 200 stickers by twenty of them. The good thing is that the magazine invites its readers to spice up their own city. Each page, including the cover, was individually pierced so that the people can use the stickers after reading.

The first edition of Klebstoff was released in 2009 and limited to 1,000 copies only. It took only four weeks to sell out. However, the founders conceive the magazine as “an artistic project and not a commercial campaign which we run to distribute the idea of stickermaking and interventing in public spaces”.

Klebstoff #4 was released in June and features work by artists GR170 (SPA), David Kyryn (CZE), King Pritt (ITA), Dvd Boring (SWE), Thomas Judisch (GER), FTW Gentlemen’s Club (GER), Romibello (GER), PAU MF (SPA), Antipreneur (GER), Freshco (NED), Christiane Haas (GER), Chris Magnusson (SWE), Johannes Mundinger (GER), Cactus (SWE), Sebastian Schwamm (GER), 455ER L.A. (USA), Mr. Impact (GER), Roberto Voorbij (NED), Matthias Müller (GER) und Joseph Ernst (UK).

Klebstoff #4
Publisher: Matthias Speck & Wildsmile Studios
Released: June, 2012
44 Pages
Format: 15 cm x 15 cm
Language: English
Specials: 200 stickers inside
Print: 1,000 hand-numbered copies
Price: €9.90

Click here to buy Klebstoff #4. (Klebstoff #1 and Klebstoff #3 are already sold out!)