Kitchen Farming By Philips

Philips is busy rolling out interesting new concepts related to the future of food production. Their so-called Biotower is such an idea. This new kitchen installation aims to break with the tradition of growing food 1,000 miles away from your gas cooker. It not only proposes a new solution of growing your food right in the kitchen, but also addresses the issue of reducing the size of the foodprint of the Western consumer, which, for instance, James Reynolds also does with his Far Foods project.

Philips Biotower

The Philips Biotower is a non-spherical-biosphere which is a “self-contained farm for that produces hundreds of calories of various food sources a day”. This kitchen skyscraper consists of five layers: levels 1 and 2 for meant for growing plants, level 3 contains algae, level 4 is filled with fish and shrimp and level 5 deals with organic waste. The system seems to be designed to cascade nutrients from the top to the bottom.

“Optical fibers capture and redirect light to the plants during the day, while methane capture from organic waste can power lights at night. The algae create oxygen for the fish.”

The Biotower is presented in the video below, along with other interesting concepts, such as a food printer.