KAROLIEN: Green Energy From Your Car To Your Favorite Festival

Moving Arts Project is among the presenters of tonight’s edition of Boiling Amsterdam. The art collective is developing a system for transferring electricity from electric cars to public events in the city. Why? Noud Verhave explains.

Can you tell us something about Moving Arts Project?
“Moving Arts Project (MAP) is a multidisciplinary (performing, visual, spacial, design and participatory) art collective of Diane Elshout, Janine Toussaint en Noud Verhave. Using the city as a stage and source of inspiration, we make community art from the heart of neighborhoods. Together with the inhabitants of the city we translate actual issues into artistic forms, often in public space, such as large theatre productions on a city square, new rituals for a neighborhood or games to boost discussion. MAP is innovative and inclusive, and celebrates the diversity of the city. In all of our projects we focus on involvement, departing from the question: How do people take part in their neighborhood and what are the dynamics behind it? With our arts projects we give a stage to a divers range of voices, including those hardly being heard.”


Thursday’s Boiling Amsterdam is about ideas to turn Amsterdam’s dirtiest road into a green corridor — the so-called Knowledge Mile Park. What are you going to present?
“In 2017 we developed KAREL (in English CAREL = Car for Electricity on Location). It is an electric van that can provide green energy (and production and programming) for events in public space in the city, an ambassador for sustainability within cultural and social activities. To enlarge the capacity of KAREL and to promote solar and electric cars, we will present KAROLIEN (in English CAROLIEN = Trolley for electric CARs whO give Lithium-Ion ENergy to public events). This initiative is new in the city. Electric cars from inhabitants or visitors can be connected to KAROLIEN, and the battery from their cars can provide 220 Wt energy to be used, for example, for a music stage or a food truck. The owner of the car will get a discount for the event and is guaranteed to have enough power to drive home. KAREL and KAROLIEN can work at any place in the city.”

How will KAROLIEN make the Knowledge Mile Park more sustainable?
“The studio of Moving Arts Project is in Tugelaweg, in the Knowledge Mile Park. We regularly organize art and social projects to stimulate people to participate and discuss on sustainability issues. We have already worked many times with KAREL in the neighborhood and we are planning to do the same with KAROLIEN. This project will stimulate the people of the Wibautstraat and the whole city to invest in solar and electric cars, so that there will be less pollution from gasoil generators and vans.”

Visit Boiling Amsterdam on Thursday 29th March to hear more about Moving Arts Project and other inspiring ideas, and vote for the best initiative! The winner goes home with the ticket revenues of the night. Buy your ticket here!