iPhone App Provides Roadside Assistance For Cyclists

A simple flat tire on your bicycle can easily turn into an entire afternoon of walking your bike to a repair shop and having to come back for it on foot. Damn, A Flat Tire offers a way to circumvent this inconvenience by providing a mobile bike service in Amsterdam that brings the repairs to the bike, rather than the other way around, for no extra charge.

Now the mobile bicycle repair shop has taken mobile a step further by offering an iPhone app (with an Android app on the way) for broken-down bike riders. The process is simple: the user merely inputs their location on a map, takes a photo or adds a description of their problem, and confirms for immediate, on-the-spot bike service. The app eliminates inconvenience and time consumption from bothersome bike repairs and gets you back on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible.

FlatTire app