Interior Living Unit

The Interior Living Unit is a composition of nine pieces, all designed to fit through a standard doorway and combined within the room. Long gone are the stresses of moving day, this unit enables you to move the entire apartment’s contents with you.

Designed by Andrew Kline, the unit folds and unfolds when needed, providing all the essential home comforts: Bathroom, bedroom, storage and kitchen. Originating from Detroit, a city he describes as “…hollow and vacant city”, he proposes to utilise the large expanses of space left behind by people moving to the suburbs, creating entire communities of these units within old factory buildings.

Whilst portable pod-style living has been previously explored, this concept feels extremely well-developed and has real world credentials to solve housing problems — and the price of $15,000 to $25,000 for the test unit means that the cost of this product remains appealing to the target audience.

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