Industrial Strength Parking Lot Converted To Industrial Strength Coffee

Most people think they are nothing without coffee. Well, Simon Jaramillo, owner of The Reformatory Caffeine LAB, would literally be nothing, seeing as the coffee bean industry has been his family’s profession for around 110 years. Hailing from Colombia, the fourth generation bean farmer decided to up sticks to Australia and start up a coffee shop.

Jaramillo employed the help of Australian architect Louise Nettleton, who converted a former 3.5m x 15m industrial parking garage used to store heavy machinery, into The Reformatory Caffeine LAB, close to Sydney’s Central Station. The café has been tastefully designed with materials which recall its former use: frosted glass, steel benches, weathered concrete floor and a whole lot of black.

The Reformatory Caffeine LAB

The Reformatory Caffeine LAB 1

Jaramillo requested the project be illustrated with various comic-book style illustrations, with the hope of acquiring a dark and grungy, den-like atmosphere. The illustrations are drawn upon a black wall by the Melbourne-based illustrator Heesco. The scene depicts characters from famous comics and graphic films, which combine, among others, Sin City, The Dark Knight Returns and Judge Dredd.

The Reformatory Caffeine LAB

With many reputable coffee-heads stating that Jaramillo’s sommelier-esque knowledge of coffee brings sheer joy to each and every cup, the composition of the cafe itself is sure to evoke a similar feeling within design fanatics everywhere.