Independent Zines Kiosk Pops Up In The New York Subway

Metro stations are good places for retail, as thousands of commuters pass by every day. Ordinary news stands, food courts and clothing shops often fill the spaces deep down in these metropolitan transfer hubs. However, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (where else?) it’s a little different — an independent zines kiosk has taken over a news stand at the Metropolitan Avenue station for one month.

Located at the intersection of the G and L trains, The Newsstand offers an inspiring selection of independent magazines and publications from around the world. The project is a joint venture NYC- and LA-based creative agency ALLDAYEVERYDAY and the underground and alternative publishing platform 8-Ball Zine Fair, and aims to create a temporary physical platform for independent publishing in the city.

“The way in which we consume information is changing. Some will say traditional print media is obsolete. But its apparent demise has opened the door for independent creative self expression.”

The Newsstand

The Newsstand

The location is well chosen and subway station owner MTA was receptive to renting the stand out for a short time. Williamsburg, as well as the Lower East Side, have a flourishing independent publishing culture. Where else in the world would you stumble upon a kiosk with only indie magazines? The selection of zines, mail art cards, vinyl records and snacks available at The Newsstand is curated by Lele Saveri. The founders explain to Papermag that the stand also offers a zine swap and a true zine vending machine, that was made from an old tattoo machine for kids.