IKEA Introduces Furniture X-Ray Vision

Furniture giant IKEA has been trying a lot of new things lately, from urbanism to airport lounges. Now they’re turning your smartphone into x-ray goggles! 

IKEA is adding a digital layer to their new 2013 catalogue by using Augmented Reality to see into cabinets and dressers, superimpose animated scenes onto pages, and show additional possible furniture configurations.

The new catalogue aims to provide more inspiration and should give people a much better idea of what they want before embarking on an in-store expedition, which may be a godsend for those that dread the endless labyrinthine chaos of IKEA stores. Hopefully, there’ll be an option to superimpose 3d models of furniture into your actual living space to really ‘envision’ new interiors — what a great application for augmented reality technology!