Igloos In The Alps

A new modular temporary hotel just opened doors in the Swiss Alps. The accommodation is beautifully situated on the snow-covered mountain slopes near the village of Les Giettes and consists of 15 luxurious and self-sufficient suites that look like traditional igloos. As we presented in our Top 10 Trends for 2012, modular hospitality is a new and increasingly popular way to accommodate guests in an inspiring way. This so-called Whitepod resort shows to be the next example of this decentralized hotel trend. Stylepark explains how it works:

“The 15 Whitepods are grouped around a traditional cabin, which houses the reception. There is another cabin containing the restaurant, a conference room, spa and lounge area and around 80 bunks. There is a skiing area very close to the complex, and all that snow means that the camp can only be reached if you are wearing ski shoes or by skidoo. (…) Each of the ‘pods’ has 40 square meters of floor space. The shell is made of a special polyester fabric, which was originally developed for space travel and is incredibly insulating. Combined with the stove and kerosene lamps, the atmosphere in the igloos is pleasant, cozy and warm.”

The modular hospitality trend is not only very much based on experiencing beautiful landscapes, but it also builds upon traditional architectural typologies. We already stumbled upon decentralized hotels in tree houses, yurts, bird nests and caravans. Here the igloo is revisited with a touch of Buckminster Fuller and his geodesic domes.

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