Hybrid Furniture Breathes New Life Into Office

Tree chair, house table, sky cave, mountain office? By placing books in the tiers of a coliseum-like setting, American architect Edward Ogosta creates a book arena, a de facto reading area that also doubles as a space for office-wide meetings. Ogosta uses a quirky mix of indoor and outdoor elements in his furniture pieces.

Tree trunks become chairs that provide a respite for the individual, insulated from the rest of the office. The house-shaped desk hutches give ‘home office’ a whole new meaning. Hybrids of seemingly unrelated pairings is actually similar to the multi-functional furniture we’ve written about before — only the secondary function is on a more abstract level.

Designed for a creative agency, the idea behind the hybrid furniture is to “stimulate new levels of creativity in its users” by providing new “experiential possibilities of inhabitation”. Working in such an office would surely make one look at things in a different way!

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