Hungry? Your Pizza Is Just One Tap Away

Breaking news: Domino’s Pizza offers a way of ordering that keeps you favorite pizza just one click away. Seriously? As if we weren’t lazy enough.

Domino’s has launched an Easy Order Button that allows you to order your favorite pizza by simply tapping it. Created by Flic, the button, hidden in a small pizza box, is connected to a smartphone through bluetooth. Linked to the Domino’s Pizza smartphone app, you are asked only once to provide your address details and pre-list your favorite pizza. After that, your favorite pizza is literally just a tap away.

Domino's Easy Order Button

This Easy Order Button isn’t the first innovation we see from Domino’s Pizza, as the company also experimented with drone-delivery. Simon Wallis, Director of Sales and Marketing at Domino’s Pizza, says that “75% of our orders occur online. Besides that, we just love to experiment with innovation and technology”.

Domino's Easy Order Button

As the pizza business has become extremely competitive, Domino’s Pizza really tries to set itself apart from others. In addition, we have seen similar examples of the usage of these ‘one-click buttons’ with Amazon’s Dash Buttons. Will this be the future? Let’s order a pizza, sit down, relax, and we’ll have to see.