HOT100 Presents A New Generation Of Creators

Want to know what the Dutch creative scene has in store for the upcoming years? Be sure to check out the HOT100, a pool of the most talented graduates in 2013 from various Dutch academies, universities and schools in the fields of media, art and technology!

Selected by The New Institute, the HOT100 list, now in its 7th edition, was created to bring together a new generation of talented e-culture designers, thinkers and makers. On top of that, the HOT100 also get the chance to get in tough with influential creative companies and cultural organizations and vice versa. There’s a chance to meet the talents this Friday at 16:30 when the HOT100 WORKSHOP results are presented (click here to sign up, it’s free!) or at the HOT100 SHOW that takes place on Saturday. The location is rather exciting: a massive empty building in downtown The Hague that was formerly occupied by the Dutch Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations.

The New Institute was formed at the beginning of this year on January 1, merging several Dutch institutions: the Netherlands Architecture Institute; Premsela, the Netherlands Institute for Design and Fashion; and the e-culture sector institute Virtueel Platform which took care of the HOT100 lists in the past. Although the HOT100 focusses on new media and technology it also seeks for relations with other disciplines. New media as a discipline is increasingly embedded in other work, for instance in architecture, fashion and design. That makes the HOT100 a great opportunity to get a glimpse of new Dutch creative talent.

One of the HOT100 talents, Jasper van Loenen, has already earned praise with a way to create a drone from a bike wheel, keyboard, or any other (not-too-heavy object). His Drone It Yourself (DIY) kit provides all elements that are needed to make stuff fly. It comes in a suitcase and, with clip-on copters and a remote control.

[ ]

[ ]

Interaction designer Rhys Duindam created the [ ] (pronounced as “tchk tchk”), a clip-on device that transforms any sport tool into a controller for an audio game. The game is a sound-reward based leveling system that only triggers when the user is above their personal sporting best. When hitting harder, running faster or  jumping higher, the user gets a reward that tells other players that the user of [ ] is doing very well in the sport at that moment, which in turn opens up the social dialogue and social rewards.

Sensitive Cosmetics

Pauline Routs graduated at the ArtEZ Fashion Institute with her product Sensitive Cosmetics. Sensitive Cosmetics visualizes your health condition based on your sweat. The chemical composition of sweat reacts on the cosmetic skin cream — bright colors give an indication of your current health condition.

On August 28, The New Institute released the names of the HOT100 list of 2013. To get to know them virtually you can go to Pinterest’s HOT100 2013, to get to know them more personally there will be a chance on September 27 and 28 in The Hague during Today’s Art Festival where also the written publication of HOT100 2013 will be launched. Click here for more info. Here is a list of all HOT100 lists up to today.

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