This is absolutely not the first thing you would think of when you come across a dumpster on the streets, but you never know what’s inside. Artist Gregory Lincoln Kloehn (a direct descendent of Abraham Lincoln according to these guys) converted an original green garbage dumpster into, let’s say, an affordable and extremely movable living unit. Although the size is very small, the container includes almost everything for a short stay in the urban wilderness.

The little green dumpster is not meant to be an apartment, but can be converted into all kinds of different functions, as Bit Rebels suggests. It can be a comfortable home with roof terrace or a barbecue hang-out, but with some small changes it becomes a movie theater, popcorn machine or music stage.

Great about the transformer dumpster is the way it enables its owner to live and stay invisible in public space, although this is also one of the main disadvantages. People might dump their rubbish in your house, or even worse, the city cleaners empty your dumpster house in their truck. For only $ 5,000 Kloehn will build a personal dumpster apartment for you as well.