Hole In Wall Becomes World’s Smallest Office

Offices have transformed from a simple place to work to large, extravagant, open-air spaces. While many advertising agencies and production companies have taken on this workplace trend (and hefty cost), an agency in São Paulo, Brazil has moved in a slightly smaller direction.

Ironically, Agencia Grande designed their “office” to fit in a literal hole-in-the-wall. The purpose behind the project was not made with the intention to work, but to make a large statement about commercial real estate in Brazil.

As luxurious offices continue to pop-up around the country, neighbourhoods have transformed into highly gentrified areas. Agencia Grande created this miniature office in one of the impacted neighbourhoods, Vila Madalena, to start a conversation about the issue.

The interior of the office…

How do you think São Paulo will fill this controversial gap as gentrification moves into neighbourhoods? We’ve seen how micro activism projects have created awareness in cities before, but how can these mini movements develop into fundamental changes in the future?