Here It Is: The World’s Longest Park

Marseille-based artist Gaëlle Villedary is the woman behind Tapis Rouge!, a grass carpet installation that runs through the entire French town of Jaujac. According to Designboom, this awesome piece of landscape architecture is comprised of 168 rollers of greenery spanning approximately 1,400 feet with a weight of 3.5 tons. It trances pedestrian avenues into the city center and makes the city instantly look different. The work creates a public space that is immediately used in a different way by inhabitants. Particularly children love the new layer of green that crosses the city, which probably is the world’s longest park.

The entirely bio-formed work was created with the intention to connect inhabitants of the village with the surrounding valley. Villedary’s intervention was commissioned to help foster a celebratory mood for the 10th anniversary of the village’s arts and nature trail programs. It somehow reminds us of Flying Grass Carpet by our Rotterdam-based friends of HUNK-design and IDeddy, although this installation is made out of natural grass and therefore even more temporary.