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We, Jeroen Beekmans and Joop de Boer, are the brains and hearts of Pop-Up City, a blog that showcases eye-opening ideas, concepts and trends that make a change in the city of today and tomorrow.

On a daily basis, we write stories about individuals, enterprises, and cities all around the world that come up with refreshing ideas and solutions to deal with a permanent stage of change, ranging from urban hacks, modular hotels, and parasite cinemas to pop-up retail concepts, rooftop farms, and houses on wheels. In the past five years, has grown from a little blog into an international online platform for forward-thinking city-making with a monthly readership of over 100,000.

From Blog To Book

It has always been our dream to turn the rich online content of our blog into a beautiful, inspiring book that tells a remarkable story about cities and urban design in a fluid world. To turn this ambition into reality, we started working on the Pop-Up City book.

Pop-Up City will be a richly illustrated, 260-page publication that not only tells a unique story about (making) cities in a fluid world, but also inspires the reader with a well-curated selection of 150 the most remarkable urban trends, concepts and ideas, harvested from the extensive and ever-growing series of more than 1,600 (!) articles that have been published on the blog in the past five years.

Book Details
Pop-Up City — City-Making in a Fluid World
By Pop-Up City
260 pages, full color, hard cover 19 x 24 cm
Includes 150 richly illustrated projects and examples
Language: English
Graphic design by Vruchtvlees
Planned for publication in April, 2014 (if Kickstarter campaign is successful)

Whether you are an urbanite in a professional, scholarly, or leisurely way, whether you are already a follower of the blog or not, the Pop-Up City book is meant for everyone who is interested in exploring what is happening with today’s urbanized world and what great ideas emerge from it.

Preview pages of the book

Preview pages of the book

Help Us To Pop This Book!

Currently, we are working hard to finish up the content of the book and fine-tuning its look and feel with the graphic designers of Studio Vruchtvlees, the agency that also designed our logo and website. With BIS Publishers, we have found a great publisher with an international reach, but your support is necessary to make the very final thing happen — to convince our publisher that the Pop-Up City book should go into print!

Our goal of $10,000 is only one-third of the amount we will actually need to publish the book. The other two-thirds would be taken up by the publisher who is willing to make the investment, but only if he is sure to have enough initial buyers! This is why this Kickstarter campaign is so important to us.

The limited edition Pop-Up City tote bag

The limited edition Pop-Up City tote bag


Of course, we don’t just want to ask for your money. Only here and now, we offer you the unique chance to become a co-owner of the Pop-Up City book and have your name in the back, to pre-order a copy for an amazing discount of 30%, and to be among the first in the world to receive it.

If you are a real Pop-Up City fan, there are a some more exciting rewards, ranging from a personal thank-you, a limited edition Pop-Up City tote bag and a one-day blog take-over to a personal Pop-Up City tour of Amsterdam and having us giving a lecture at your event.

Pop this book! Let’s make this happen, together with us. We would be very, very grateful.

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