Heading For A Landscape Of Experiences

“The Japanese always seem to lead the list with weird and wacky ideas” is stated on the Optical illusions weblog. In addition, I would like to say that they are good as well in creating exciting spatial concepts. This one is a great example. This fake swimming pool (1999) was created by the Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich and was first exposed at the 21st Century Museum of Art in Kanazawa, Japan. The installation belongs to the permanent collection of this museum and has been lent to New York’s MoMA back in 2006.

Within the context of this blog it’s a great example of the phenomenon that we’d like to call the ‘Age of Experience’. More and more attention, and therefore money, looks to be invested in great mind-fucking concepts that are funny, conceptual and at the same time really interesting to a broad audience. People can speak about it and, above all, share these experiences on digital platforms. How will this develop? I found this movie on YouTube today by coincidence, and just felt like sharing it. The 270 x 240 x 540 cm installation is, as far as I can judge, one of the most brilliant works of Erlich.