Haunted Forest Architecture

Imagine you’re walking around a dark forest in central Czech Republic. Probably, quite spooky already. But then you spot a floating house under an abandoned railway bridge. What would you do?

Abandoned spaces like this can be quite spooky in themselves, but this forest has an extra dimension. A haunted house was found floating under a railway bridge in the forest near the Czech city of Pardubice. The creepy architectural installation was created by Prague-based firm H3T Architekti.

The Black Flying House is purposely adding to the eeriness of the environment, adding something supernatural even. The steel cables keeping the house in the air are very thin and almost invisible from a distance, giving the house a floating appearance.

The floating house is accessible by a ladder, that’s hidden on purpose in order to confuse anyone stumbling upon the installation. Inside the house, the single space includes a stove and one window.