Green Toolbar Saves Energy and Money

Do your part! Greenify your PC! AOL provides a new Green Toolbar that saves the planet and your wallet, aiming to contribute to the environment by saving energy through changing computer settings. As the number of computers in de the world is exponentially increasing, the environmental effects of our collective digital lifestyle does so too, with a lot of energy waste as a consequence. Changing the way we use our computer has a financial asset on the personal level, but more interesting, it is a way we can contribute to minimising energy use collectively. Just by installing the free green toolbar. Well, how does it work?

  • Save $25-$75 per year (approximately 100 kilowatts) by adjusting PC power settings (according to Energy Star)
  • Use up to 15% less paper by changing your print margins
  • Use less energy by changing your monitor settings

Besides that, the toolbar shows an eco-tip right in your browser each day, and it connects to a green blog.