Grannies Help Smartphone Zombies Safely Cross The Street

People can be totally sucked into their mobile phone these days, forgetting about all that happens around them. This zombie-like behaviour is not only annoying to others, but it can also lead to very dangerous situations.

More and more, traffic accidents take place as a consequence of pedestrians solely dedicated to their phones while walking the streets. Brazilian cookie brand Biscoitos Zezé created a spot-on awareness campaign to confront them with their dangerous mobile phone usage in public. With an original twist, they provided smartphone zombies (also known as “smombies”) with some help while crossing dangerous intersections.

Who better to help you cross at a dangerous traffic light than someone experienced? This older lady helped mobile phone users making it to other side of the street safely. The idea behind this campaign is to raise awareness about the dangers that come with mobile phone usage in public.

The trend of smombie urbanism has triggered creatives to come up with inventive solutions and campaigns to keep people in public as safe as possible, as it won’t be likely they are going to give up on their phones easily. But, as the initiators of this campaign also stated: “The best advice does not come by message”.