Giftee: Twitter-Powered Gifts

Giving a friend a real-time physical present via social media looks to be a future fantasy. But since this year it is possible in Japan. The Japanese start-up Giftee makes it possible to send a real-time and a real-world gift using Twitter.

Giftee is an online service enabling users to send small ‘thank you’ gifts by sending a message on Twitter. The service is currently available in Japan in a beta version, and is supported by a limited amount of selected shops. Gift givers begin by registering on the Giftee site and indicating the Twitter ID of the recipient they have in mind. Then they choose a gift from Giftee’s myriad of options, type an accompanying message and finalize their gift by paying with a credit card, explains Springwise. The recipient receives a gift message via Twitter, logs in and gets the present immediately.

Services such as Giftee seem to emerge all around the globe and could be considered part of a tendency in which the digital and the physical world merge. Objects, actions and barriers that have been traditionally physical increasingly become part of a digital world, and vice versa.

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