Get Your Plants To-Go At This Greenhouse On Wheels

One of Brooklyn’s coolest plant shops, Tula House, is travelling around the borough in a truck to share some plant love in the concrete jungle. The mobile greenhouse offers urban dwellers a source of  inspiration, knowledge and a whole lot of foliage.

The idea sprouted when the Tula team came across an old container truck on a morning walk. With an ambitious vision to refurnish the truck into a greenhouse structure, Tulita was born.

Now in it’s third summer season, Tulita continues to grab attention from people on the street who are delighted to see the unexpected plant truck. The Tula team says that the intimate nature of the small space offers a sense of comfort for visitors to seek advice and plant knowledge.

Filled with an array of plants, the interior design of the truck changes with the seasons. Tula gets creative with their displays and puts emphasis on creating connections with every person that approaches their greenhouse on wheels.

When purchasing plants, proximity is important, especially if you don’t have access to a vehicle. Now, with the mobility and convenience of a food truck, Tulita serves up its greens in ceramic pots across the city.

It’s interesting to follow the progression of the food truck trend. For some cities, the concept is still new and being introduced. While in other urban areas, like Brooklyn, the food truck concept has flourished and developed, bringing mobile retail to the mix.