Free Public Sunscreen Dispensers To Protect Public Health

We’ve all experienced it — the sun comes up and after a few minutes your face turns red. Of course, you forgot to bring sunscreen with you! Many people don’t pay enough attention to their skin health, making skin cancer one of the most common diseases. Reason for Boston and Miami Beach to install free sunscreen dispensers across the city.

Currently skin cancer and melanoma are most prevalent cancers and the numbers of getting sick are growing. This is mostly due to the fact that people make poor use of protective cream, since skin cancer can be easily prevented. To protect urbanites against cancer, city officials in Boston and Miami Beach have decided to install sunscreen dispensaries at public pools, parks and beaches. Last month 30 of them were placed in public spaces around Boston, while Miami Beach decided to install 50.

Free sunscreen dispensers

The MB Miami Beach Triple Action Sea Kelp Sunscreen Lotion (yeah, that’s a mouth full) is a water-resistent lotion that serves as the city’s own official suncare line. Bottles are specifically designed to be refilled at the public sunscreen dispensers.

Free sunscreen dispensers

Besides the fact that the project tries to create a community that’s paying more attention to its health, the sunscreen dispensaries will be not charged to the taxpayer. Health organizations Melanoma Foundation of New England and Make Big Change sponsor sunscreen dispensaries in Boston, while the Miami Beach project was paid for by Mount Sinai Medical Center.