Free E-Books In The New York Subway

Morning commutes can be unbearable. Often we try to fill this time with music or a book. Yet, those who board the subway without these necessary materials are in for a dull ride. New York City subway commuters are now in luck! The city’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has teamed up with the publishing company Penguin Random House to launch Subway Reads.

This new website offers almost 2,000 book excerpts and novels that riders can read for free. Riders can access the materials using a tablet or smartphone with help from the subway Wi-Fi network; available in 175 of the 278 underground stations. Transit Wireless hopes to bring free Internet access to all subway stations across New York’s system by the end of the year.

Subway Reads

To access Subway Reads, commuters just need to log on to the free Transit Wireless Wi-Fi. Selections are organized based on the length of your commute; these time based excerpts are timed perfectly so that the commuter can finish from beginning to end during the length of their commute. Whether your commute is 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or longer, there is something for everyone. E-shorts offer full length short stores by popular authors. Commuters can also sample excerpts from poetry, fiction, and non-fiction books. You may also choose to purchase the full-length e-book, with portions of the sale going towards the MTA.

Subway Reads

Even though this special promotion is only running for eight weeks, commuters will be able to enjoy free internet access year round. By promoting reading and the works of various authors, Subway Reads offers free access to books and a sneak peak into novels. Above all, the installation of free Wi-Fi will allow commuters to stay connected while commuting, all while helping to enhance New York City’s transit safety.