Foldable Tiny House Lets You Settle Anywhere You Want

Brette Haus

Who said building your own countryside home takes a lot of time and effort? Brette Haus manufactures folding houses, designed to be easily transported and installed on-site in just three hours. 

With modern technologies rapidly developing, people can get a comfortable place to live much faster than ever before by moving into a prefab house. Its popularity is growing as it’s cheaper, serves its owner over time and, most importantly, it’s easy to construct. Brette Haus is just like LEGO as there are separate parts that have to be put together to build a tiny house anywhere you want and need. Besides, thanks to the size, such a prefab can be easily stored.

Brette Haus
Brette Haus
Brette Haus can be installed on-site in just three hours. Photo Brette Haus

The houses, despite having container-like size when delivered, they expand by over 100 percent through the Brette Haus patented unfolding technology. This pop-up house can be also placed on any levelled ground. The company offers a range of house sizes with the home design and usage being up to the customer — from a home office and glamping lodge, to a bungalow and a pop-up cafe.

Brette Haus expands by over 100% when being set up

Brette Haus cabins come with prefabricated electrical wiring, sanitary equipment and plumbing. All you need to do is to plug in. The company represents a new movement in modern construction, where you can set up a new home wherever you like.