Foldable Kiosk Uses Origami Techniques

The architects of Make Architecture came up with two remarkable, flexible, foldable kiosks. First unfolded during last month’s Ice Sculpting Festival in Canary Wharf, the kiosks are based on the principles of Japanese art of origami, though they are not made of paper, but of aluminium panels.

The primary purpose of the two kiosks was to provide information to the festival-goers, but they have proven to be also useful for other occasions. The foldable kiosk design allows the structures to be easily removed to another location. Finished in black, the aluminium panels are joined together with a system of hinges, which enables the kiosk to open up easily. 

Foldable kiosks by Make Architecture

According to We Heart, the light-weight and pre-assembled kiosks are not only interesting when they’re open, but still interesting sculptures when closed.