Fold-Up Playgrounds For Limitless Fun

Staying active in overcrowded cities is sometimes easier said than done. Kids know better than anyone though that creating a playground can be as simple as grabbing a ball and getting outside.

Undefined Playground is a ‘movable sports pavilion’ that can fold and open into spaces to play modified versions of classic playground games. Basketball, football, frisbee, and tennis can all be enjoyed creatively with just a few simple folds. The structure also features seating as well as a space for a potential snack bar or equipment rental station.

Undefined Playground

The project comes from Seoul-based firm B.U.S Architecture as a proposal for Seoul Innovation Park. The structure is 14.64 square meters and is made of lightweight steel, making it very easy to move around. It’s minimalism and flexibility allow for users to interact with the playground in infinite ways at all skill levels without any special equipment.