Fliike Makes Your Online Reputation Visible On The Street

Digital space and urban space are increasingly merging, needless to say. French tech start-up Smiirl has developed a great new device to show your online reputation to your offline audience. Their so-called Fliike is a real-time counter for Facebook fans that can be placed in a shop window or on your desk. This way you can proudly display your digital community and easily convince people to join your Facebook page.

Although comparable products have been launched before by other companies, the Fliike is tailor-made for small local shop owners. The device is beautifully designed and very easy to use. Contrary to similar products it’s equipped with a digital display, which makes it extra interesting. The Smiirl is a good addition to the local branding of stores or restaurants that have a huge online presence, such as pop-up stores or so-called hybrid stores, that combine a web store with a shop in the street.

A special limited first edition of the Fliike can be pre-ordered now for €300, and will be shipped in November.