FANs Cam Gets You Closer Than Any Viewer Has Ever Been

Imagine you could be Cristiano Ronaldo, Dirk Nowitzki or Roger Federer just for a brief moment in your life. Play the same game, do what he does, see what he sees. The FANs Cam can make your dream come true, well, at least the latter.

Thanks to several television broadcasters who offer interactive TV experiences it is no longer an issue to watch a game from multiple camera angles. Yet, one exciting angle has always been missing: literally, the athlete’s point of view. Sheng-Hung Lee and Chan Wai Yeh, two students at the National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan, have put some thought into this problem and came up with the FANs Cam that enables us to do just that, to watch a game from the perspective of a player of our choice.

So, next time when you visit a game make sure to hold on to your ticket because it will no longer function only as your entrance pass but also as a key giving you access to the FANs Cam on your favorite player. Each ticket holds a QR code that enables you to choose a FANs Cam you would like to follow on your smartphone. Et voilà, whenever you want to exchange your spectator’s seat with a much closer view on the on-going game you can now easily do it.

FANs Cam

Equipped with a mini-camera and a microphone the small clip provides spectators with a live video feed from the player’s perspective, taking the watching experience to an entirely new level. Athletes must not feel limited in their movements by the FANs Cam because it is a simple lightweight and elastic clip that can be easily attached to the collar of any player’s sports wear, without any further distraction. To last through an entire game, the FANs Cam generates power by means of a high-power thermoelectric chip that receives energy from the athlete’s body heat and the ambient temperature. So, even if Nadal and Djokovic hit it off hours and hours on end the FANs Cam will not die on us.

FANs Cam

Though not yet implemented at popular and important sports games the FANs Cam has great potential to become the next generation of a new kind of sports experience. Not only the spectator gets an unbeatable view on the game but also athletes can record their performances and use the FANs Cam as a means to improve their skills during training.