Explore The Unknown Parts Of Your City With Abandoned

Empty buildings have been a ‘problem’ that cities have had to deal with increasingly in the last couple of years. Nevertheless abandoned buildings and even ruins can be very beautiful to explore. It often takes some time to find them though. For people who want to skip the hunt for these places and get to the exploring straight-away, there is THE FORM’s iPhone app Abandoned.

Abandoned invites you to “explore modern day ruins from empty mental asylums to shipwrecks under the Great Lakes. Discover the history and location of dead amusement parks, overgrown hospitals, forgotten hotels and creepy ghost towns.” Abandoned is a community-based exploration app that shows the user a list of locations nearby that have been abandoned and have a history that is interesting to explore. It is an interesting challenge as well for you to find such locations and add them to the database yourself.

Abandoned appAbandoned app

If you had just as an adventerous childhood as we had, you probably once stepped foot inside an abandoned building, maybe close to your home or somewhat further away, and were scared out of your minds. Abandoned places can be very creepy, but also very beautiful and interesting. The late Ninjalicious, author of Access All Areas: A User’s Guide to the Art of Urban Exploration, a book all about urban exploration, loved to explore abandoned sites around every city or town he went. His website encourages people to explore places they might not be allowed to go. Seeing that some people might not be that adventurous (yet), it is useful to get to know some of the more easy to access locations around you. To help a little with that, iPhone app developer THE FORM came up with Abandoned.

Abandoned appAbandoned app

Abandoned is a very easy and intuitive way to be Indiana Jones in your own city and exploring it like you have never been there before. Embrace the unknown and embark on an adventure that may take you not more than two blocks away from your house. Be sure not to touch any shiny objects though, you might never know if a giant boulder decides to crash down from the ceiling.